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Supplying Labrador and the Gold Coast

Harbour Seafood Market is a fresh seafood supplier to Labrador and the entire Gold Coast. Our extensive selection of ocean fresh seafood is delivered to us daily by local fisherman and kept on ice until you take them home, and our oysters are kept live in the area’s only live oyster tank for maximum freshness. If you are looking for the best seafood supplier in the Labrador area, look no further!
Harbour Seafood Market


Fish Wings - Limited

Fish Heads - Limited

Atlantic Salmon Frames – Limited


Fresh seafood platters

Organising a special event or a party? Have the professional seafood suppliers at Harbour Seafood Market prepare a fabulous fresh seafood platter. We will have it all ready for you to pick up from the market on the day of the event.

Fresh fish fillets

Our extensive network of local fishermen deliver to Harbour Seafood Market daily, allowing us to be the freshest seafood suppliers in the Gold Coast area. Our expert filleters then prepare the fillets, ensuring that customers are purchasing the highest quality fresh seafood.

Atlantic Salmon, Tasmanian - Available
Barramundi - Available
Basa, Fresh Water - Available
Flake - Available
Flathead - Seasonal
Garfish - Seasonal
Rock Cod - Seasonal
Mullet - Seasonal
New Zealand Terakihi - Available
New Zealand Ling - Available
New Zealand Orange Roughy - Available
New Zealand Red Cod - Available
Snapper - Available
Black Bream - Seasonal
Swordfish Steaks - Seasonal
Mahi Mahi Fillets - Seasonal
Whiting - Unavailable
New Zealand Monk Fish - Available
Tropical Snapper  - Available
Red Emperor - Available
New Zealand Gurnard - Unavailable
Red Throat Emperor - Seasonal
Mixed Reef - Available
Sweetlip - Seasonal

Whole Fish

Our whole fish come straight from the open ocean on a daily basis and go right onto the ice where they wait for you. As fresh seafood suppliers, we have an unparalleled selection of whole ocean fish for you to choose from.

Atlantic Salmon - Available
Barramundi - Available
Flathead - Seasonal
Squire - Seasonal
Mullet - Available
Tropical Snapper - Available
New Zealand Flounder - Available
Gar - Seasonal
Red Emperor - Available
Sardines (South Aust) - Available
Silver Bream - Available
Snapper - Available
Whiting - Seasonal
QLD Dory - Seasonal
Black Bream - Seasonal
Mixed Reef - Available
Trevally - Seasonal
Spangled Emperor - Seasonal
Rock Cod - Available


Prawns, Crabs, and Bugs

We have established relationships with local crabbers who deliver to us daily as well. Our large variety of fresh prawns and bugs make us the seafood supplier of choice in the Labrador area.


Ocean King Prawns, Large (Cooked) - Available

Ocean King Prawns, Medium (Cooked) - Available

Ocean King Prawns, Large (Green) - Available

Ocean King Prawns, Headless (Green) - Available


Mud Crabs (Live) - Seasonal

Mud Crabs (Cooked) - Seasonal

Sand Crabs [Blue Swimmer] (Cooked) - Available

Spanner Crabs (Cooked) - Available


Moreton Bay Bugs (Cooked) - Available

Moreton Bay Bugs (Green) - Available

Balmain Bugs (Cooked) - Available

Lobsters – Unavailable 


We keep our live unopened oysters in the only live oyster tank on the Gold Coast. This ensures that you are getting the freshest oysters available.

Oysters Live Unopened Tasmanian - Available

Oysters, Sydney Rock - Available

Oysters, Tasmanian - Available

Kilpatrick Oysters - Available

Mornay Oysters – Available


Miscellaneous Seafood

We stock a wide variety of ocean fresh seafood based on availability including New Zealand kina, paua mince, and whitebait. Make us your seafood supplier of choice for specialty seafood items at the best prices possible.


Marinated Mussels (Plain - Chilli - Garlic) - Available

Mussel Meat - Available

Tasmanian Blue Mussels - Available


Baby Octopus - Available

Whole Octopus - Seasonal

Whole Squid - Seasonal

Squid Rings - Available

Squid Tubes - Available


Cooked and Peeled Prawns - Available

Green Prawn Meat (Australian) - Available

Crab Meat Tub (227g) - Available

Sea Scallops Roe On - Available

Sea Scallops Roe Off - Available


Marinara Mix - Available

Chinese Whitebait - Available

Whitebait Fritters - Available

Seafood Flakes - Available

Seafood Sticks - Available

Smoked Salmon - Available

Call your friendly seafood suppliers today on 07 5529 250 0 for information!

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